Bird Bath for Sale – Guaranteed to Rust

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I picked up this 8-inch high decorative piece at a local garden shop. Filled with water and placed on the deck rail near the table, it draws the Chickadees and Gold Finches near to sip water as I dine al fresco on warm summer evenings. As you can see, the bowl is well-rusted.

If someone would mention the words “rusty bath tub”, what would you envision?  In my mind’s eye, I’d see one of those old-fashioned tubs with clawed legs – the kind my grandmother had in her Chicago bungalow.  When those turn-of-the-last-century Victorian bathrooms get re-modeled, wherever do those claw-legged tubs go?  The mint-condition vintage bath tubs may find new life in high-end decors.  The not so “gently used” of them might find homes in the gardens of those with an eye for antiques and a green thumb where many a tub, I’m sure, get a few rust spots they may not have previously shown. 

So now we arrive at bird baths guaranteed to rust.  Why would anyone, birds included, want to bathe in or sip from a rusty tub?  Well, a few years ago I would have put an old rusty bird bath at the end of the driveway on trash collection Tuesday.  I would never have purchased one.  But since becoming acquainted with bird supply stores, I’ve seen my share of signs on some models of display bird baths that proudly say, “Guaranteed to Rust”.  What’s up? 

As it turns out, minerals released by the rust in those bird baths really are good for the birds!  Yeah!  They make them to rust on purpose!  That Victorian-tub look can extend to your garden easily with the addition of a graceful bird bath that is guaranteed to rust.  While some metals may be toxic to birds, tin (not galvanized), steel and iron (not treated with antirust paints) are not toxic.  Truth be told, the birds don’t mind one way or another.   The next time you wander into your local bird supply store, you might look for Victorian guaranteed-to-rust bird baths just for fun.  I’d love to have one in my atrium garden.  But then again, I would love to have an atrium garden.

Anyway, if this post inspires you, find rusty antique Victorian claw-legged bath tubs on eBay.

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7 Responses to Bird Bath for Sale – Guaranteed to Rust

  1. hattersjournalism says:

    So I’ve been sanding my rusty birdbath for days and looking on the internet for ways to rust-proof it without harming the birds and came across this. I had been wondering if I should just leave it. Now I will and see how they do. Thank you.

  2. Just Rod says:

    We have a pottery birdbath that collects an orange coloured scum on the bottom. Our water here dies leave iron stains. We keep cleaning the birdbath. But maybe we should leave it. It may just be good for the birds. It attracts chickadees, American Redstarts, American Robins, and a variety of warblers. Even a large crow had a bath in it one day. It was quite comical to watch.

    • I love watching the birds bathe. The Robins and Gray Catbirds bathe up a storm! The Mourning Doves never seem to quite know what to do with the water. The Gold Finches seem a bit scared of it, but when they are brave enough to jump in, they, too splash about and are glad for the opportunity! Thanks for stopping in!

  3. That’s so interesting! I never would have thought…Thanks for posting this cool info about our little feathered garden friends.

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