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Purple Martins 101

Having become very familiar with my backyard birds and those on my bluebird route, I thought it high time to branch out and learn about some other species. One species I have an interest in is Purple Martins.  They’re related … Continue reading

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I hear a melody. And it strikes fear in my heart.

There were new sights, new sounds and exciting new discoveries along the Bluebird route.  The fragrance of flowering trees was fresh on the strong breeze.  The forest floor growth has completely covered spots made bare by winter.  Many dandelions have turned to balls of … Continue reading

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Notice Anything New?

Well, do you?  Notice anything new?  If you do, you know what I’m referring to.  If you don’t, grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage, relax and keep reading. Today dawned windy, cold and clear with bright blue skies and … Continue reading

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