My mini-refuge or, what to do with an old broomstick handle

Certified National Wildlife Habitat

Certified National Wildlife Habitat

I promised to post a photo once I placed the Certified Wildlife Habitat sign in my yard.  It’s taken a while, I know.  It languished in the “things to do” pile on my desk.  As it rose slowly to the top, I had to really start thinking about the logistics.

What should I use for a sign post?  How about the handle on that old broomstick that needs to be thrown out?  Hum-m-m-m-m.  Where is that saw?  It’s somewhere here in the garage.  No, it’s not one of those brooms that has a handle that unscrews.  Okay.  Broomstick handle sans worn bristles.  Got it.  Check that off.

Now, what about the color?  This broom handle is an awful shade of … what.  I can’t even begin to describe it.  Anyway, it’s an awful shade of worn out.  Let’s look at the sign.  What color will match the sign and yet not frighten the neighbors or the birds?  White?  Oh, NO!  Green!  Yes, of course!  Soothing color.  Blends in with everything in the garden.  Green it is.  Ace Hardware is a short walk away.  I feel empowered by my new can of spray paint, the cap of which is supposed to match the color of the paint inside.  Okay.  Can of green spray paint.  Got it.  Check that off.

I arrive at my next decision point.  How to spray paint the broom stick handle sign post without making a mess?  I find a large area where I can paint without the breeze blowing the spray back on me, my clothing, or anything else I don’t want painted green … the inside of my garage … AFTER I back the car out onto the driveway and lower the garage door.   Cover the floor with many layers of old newspaper and an empty 40-pound plastic birdseed bag. I’m not taking any chances here.  Let each coat dry thoroughly.  Several days and several coats of spray paint later.  Okay.  Sign post painted.  Got it.  Check that off.

How now to attach the sign to the sign post?  Tacks hammered into the post, stout string woven through the strategically placed holes in the sign, a strong knot tied at the back of the post and wrapped around that tack.  Okay.  Sign attached to post.  Got it.  Check that off.

Well, I know it’s going by the bird feeder station.  So, let’s just poke this sign post into the ground here by the bushes near the feeders.  Hum-m-m-m-m.  This would work better if the stake was pointed at the tip and if I could hammer it down into the ground without nicking the paint job.  It would also be helpful if all these roots and the rocks that someone planted here were not in the way.  Find trowel, start digging.  Okay.  Sign installed.  Got it.  Check that off.

Now, what about the certificate that accompanied the yard sign?  The one that mentions my habitat is part of a “world-wide network of mini-refuges”.  I guess I should find a frame for it and hang it in my office.  I can leave that for another day.  After all, I kept my promise to post a picture when the yard sign is installed.

National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat

Bluebird Annie’s Wild Bird Garden

I’m embarrassed it took so long to install the Wildlife Habitat yard sign.  Should I post about this in my blog?  I must.  I promised.  Okay.  Post drafted.  Got it.  Check that off as soon as I click the “Publish” button.

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6 Responses to My mini-refuge or, what to do with an old broomstick handle

  1. That sign looks really good in your yard. Nice job assembling it all too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic job – very impressive. Lots of work, intelligence, commitment, and HEART behind this wonderful initiative. People seeing your sign will become more aware and interested….who knows where this could lead? Now if we could all just bring awareness to our gardening and landscaping habits to use non-toxic weed and lawn control products, that would help all of our wild friends — butterflies, birds, and all the little bugs and creatures that support the healthy web of life ! Great job – well done ! This should definitely be a photo along with your Christmas cards ! Chris Patterson

  3. I am impressed! Super job. 🙂

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