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Have you ever seen a Brown Headed Cowbird nest?

Probably not.  They don’t build nests.  They deposit their eggs in the nests of other wild bird species for the host species to raise their young. Don’t the hosts know they have a “foreign” egg or nestling?  Evidence suggests they … Continue reading

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Today’s Bluebird Monitor Trail Results

This was the first day on the route that the weather seemed spring-like.  I saw my first dandelion on the trail.  Only one dandelion – as if it was brave enough to come out while the others continued to snooze … Continue reading

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Hot Town, Summer in the City and along the bluebird trail

It’s been hot and steamy.  Typical summer days and nights in America’s Heartland.  It reached 100°F during the past week.  Afternoon and evening storms roll in with Thor (the Old Norse god of thunder and lightning – not the guy in … Continue reading

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Bluebird Ankle Bracelets

I contacted Lisa several weeks ago when I received news that the forest preserve district natural resources department put my route on the list for having bluebird nestlings banded this season.  A first for me!  Lisa, a fellow volunteer bluebird monitor, is … Continue reading

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A second bluebird route for Annie.

  Last season I was asked to take over a second bluebird monitor route from another volunteer who was unable to complete the season.  It’s happened again this season.  So, if you hop over to my bluebird journal – you’ll … Continue reading

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I hear a melody. And it strikes fear in my heart.

There were new sights, new sounds and exciting new discoveries along the Bluebird route.  The fragrance of flowering trees was fresh on the strong breeze.  The forest floor growth has completely covered spots made bare by winter.  Many dandelions have turned to balls of … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

Well, I decided to post a WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge entry on my site today.  Why?  Well, just look at the photo I used for my Header!  If there’s a photo that represents the theme, “Waiting”, this is it!  I took … Continue reading

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