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A new woodpecker species appeared in my mini-bird sanctuary!

That bird feeding station outside my window just never ceases to give pleasure and amaze. I was happy to show off my resident Red-bellied Woodpecker to Cousin Sally when she was over for Christmas dinner yesterday.  Or rather, he was … Continue reading

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What a coincidence!

This evening I received the birding club newsletter and by co-incidence the publication was filled with data seeking to answer this question:  are there actually more Red-tailed and Cooper’s Hawks in our county now than there used to be, or … Continue reading

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Christmastime is for the birds — and birders

When I saw this article online, I just had to copy it here for you.  I thought you would enjoy it.  I learned why the traditional Christmas Bird Count was started and that it has been taking place for well over a century.  The below is copied … Continue reading

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So, how does one count birds, anyway?

I have never participated in a bird count.  But there are lots of opportunities around here.  Coming right up is the Christmas Bird Count.  I have friends that participated and highly recommend the experience.  There are a few days right … Continue reading

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