Sadly, I need to let you know …

… that this 2013 season will be my last as a Bluebird Monitor.

Picture Perfect Bluebird Eggs

Picture Perfect Bluebird Eggs

Yes, after five seasons I’ve determined that I can’t continue to devote the necessary time.  I need to free up some hours for my new priorities that include a new birding adventure … building out a full-fledged birding website.  Plans are to continue this blog and later consider merging it with the website.  I’ll certainly keep you informed.

In the meantime and for the foreseeable future, the blog will continue right here.

I felt bad about sending my “resignation” letter to the Bluebird Monitor coordinator at the forest preserve district along with my 2013 season report.  And I’ll miss “my” bluebirds.

I sincerely appreciated the opportunity provided me.  I learned a lot being able to get so close to nature.

But my 2013 season isn’t over yet!  I will go out to clean and close up the boxes later in the year so they’ll be all set for 2014.  This year it will be a lonely task knowing I won’t be back.  I could use some company.  Would you come along?

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20 Responses to Sadly, I need to let you know …

  1. I hope your new direction is both fruitful and rewarding!

  2. puravidaeh says:

    Bluebird Annie –
    We’re excited for this new path along your journey. Keep us informed, as per usual! We just posted the following text on our blog as a reply to one of your recent comments:
    “Readers, if you have an interest in birding, check out Annie’s blog at – she is one of the most knowledgeable people we know in the field. Readers/birders are also in for a real treat – Annie will be building a full-fledged birding website in the near future, so keep a eye on her blog for the new site roll-out.”
    Pura vida from your friends at

    • Thank you millions! I’ve been so busy! I’ve fallen victim to having 4 projects started an none of them finished! Have had lots of correspondence with a realtor in Costa Rica during the past week.

      EVERYONE should put getting to know Costa Rica on their bucket list!

      God bless!

  3. Of course, I’d come along! Just try and stop me (er, that sounds a bit like stalking, sorry).

  4. Well, I say well done on the five years you put into such a great program. Also, I can’t wait to see the new site – I’ve not spent any time this year with the birds, so apparently I need some inspiration to get out more. All the best.

  5. Deb Platt says:

    I will continue to follow you here until your new website has fledged. Keep us informed. 🙂

  6. Good luck with the new website. Keep us posted! RH

  7. Chris Patterson says:

    Hi Cheryl: Well, all things come to an end so that there can be new beginnings and growth. I’ve truly enjoyed all your writings about your bluebird monitoring adventures. And also for the postings about birds in your backyard — especially Ricky & Lucy, the chickadees. 🙂 Thank you for bringing happiness and levity to others through your observations and your great photos of bluebirds !

    • Chris! Good to hear from you! I’m not going far. Will still be here …. just shifting gears a bit. And I’m sure there will be a new Chickadee couple in the old pine tree next season … so, stay tuned!

  8. Jim in IA says:

    I just recently started following your blog. I will keep you on my follow list. Good luck with your web site venture. I hope it goes well. And, I look forward to some more posts here. The bluebirds will be fine. Another good person will fill the role of watcher.

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