What would Red Barber have called it?

It’s one of those one-thing-leads-to-another evenings at my keyboard.

The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere is upon me and I’m settling into summer.

Hummingbirds are now regulars at my nectar feeders and the catbird seat is often occupied by … what else?  Catbirds!

I decided to check out the source of the term, “catbird seat“.  And what do you know …. one version of its origin has it attributed to the late sportscaster, Red Barber!

Summertime, indeed!  The sounds of meowing catbirds and baseball!

Gray Catbirds

A pair of Gray Catbirds enjoys snacking on a suet cake in the “catbird seat” where I can spy on them.

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8 Responses to What would Red Barber have called it?

  1. There’s also attribution to a James Thurber story:

    I love catbirds so much I named my quilting blog after them. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo. They’re hard to get a good look at, much less a photo.

    • Yes, I did know about the other attribution. I’ll tell you a secret …. I often hide little things in posts for certain of my followers and folks I know who tune in to see what I’m up to. Like yourself, I love the catbirds. When I uncovered the sports tie-in with Red Barber, I made it part of the post for someone. It’s not that I don’t appreciate Mr. Thurber! 🙂

      What a nice blog you have and such a wonderful skill to make those beautiful quilts. I used to sew all my own clothes. I made wedding gowns and tailored winter coats as well as the run-of-the mill dresses, blouses, skirts, suits and slacks. So, I have an appreciation for any kind of needle work. I could never create anything as lovely as your quilts!

      Thanks for stopping in, Melanie!

      • You are too kind. Clothing sewing mystifies me! All I do is sew straight lines! 🙂
        I marked your blog to follow. Husband Jim is the one who pointed me your way. We enjoy the birds in our area and in our back yard.

  2. wrygrass.com says:

    I adore the catbirds here…they’re quite entertaining!

    • That they are. Each time I hear them while walking through woods, my first thought is that someone dumped off some un-wanted litter of kittens. Then, I realize …. I’m hearing catbirds!

  3. I find catbirds to be real charmers here. Occasionally one gets stuck inside the garage, though, and it’s a chore to lure them out. Red Barber, eh? Heh.

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