Ralph and Alice have been flying in and out of their nest box.  There has been so much activity!  There MUST BE hatchlings in that box, I thought.  So, time for a monitoring.

I really didn’t think enough time had passed for Ralph and Alice’s eggs to hatch.  But I guess enough time had passed after all.

Last year’s nest box renters, Ricky and Lucy, were always very vocal.  Chick-a-dee, dee! Fee bee bee!  Fee bee bee!  They would scold whenever their nest was monitored.  Then they would fly off for a distance.

Not so with Ralph and Alice.  They stay near and are silent!

So, when I opened the nest box, what did I spy?

Day old chickadee hatchlings.

Look …

Black-capped Chickadee Hatchlings

One-day-old Black-capped Chickadee Hatchlings

One-day-old Black-capped Chickadee Hatchlings
Ralph and Alice’s Septuplets
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6 Responses to Septuplets

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have found hatchlings, maybe a week old? down inside a hollowed out steel post!? Mom and dad keep going inside it with worms and such and the hatchlings are making sounds and moving. But please, how will they get out of there? They are at least six inches+ down in this post. (These are Black Capped Chickadees, I’m 98% sure.) I don’t want them to die in there!? Any thoughts?

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Wow.

  3. Wonderful photos – fingers cross for them all! RH

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