She was camera shy

Last week I spied six eggs in Ralph and Alice Chickadee’s nest. I wondered if the clutch was complete or if there might be more eggs on the way. Last year, Lucy and Ricky had a clutch of seven eggs when they rented out the place. So, I know Ralph and Alice, this year’s renters, have room to spare.

Today I approached my backyard nest box, called Alice’s name and gave a firm rap on the side of the bird house to alert the occupants company had arrived. Nothing happened. I ever so slowly opened the bird house top and pointed it away from myself to give Alice an opportunity to exit if she was incubating her clutch. But it was so quiet, I thought she may have left for a few minutes to feed.

Alice! You ARE in there! Will you pose for a photo?

She was camera-shy and shot out of the nest box. I spied seven eggs! So, one was added since my last observation and incubation has begun. Will we have seven Black-capped Chickadee fledglings in a few weeks?

Seven Chickadee Eggs

Look closely. Two eggs are nestled against the left side of the nest cup. Seven in all! A nice size clutch.

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