Today’s Bluebird Monitor Trail Results

This was the first day on the route that the weather seemed spring-like.  I saw my first dandelion on the trail.  Only one dandelion – as if it was brave enough to come out while the others continued to snooze a bit longer under the covers.

Red-wing Blackbird

Red-wing Blackbird

Boxes #1 and 2 remain empty, though it’s obvious the Tree Swallows are pairing up and showing interest.

Tree Swallow, Eastern Bluebird nest box

Tree Swallow considers occupying a nest box meant for an Eastern Bluebird pair.










Box #3 has the base of a grass nest and at this time I don’t know if it’s a bluebird nest or a Tree Swallow nest.  It appears to be an Eastern Bluebird nest, but as the construction gets further along, the appearance of feathers to line it will assure it belongs to a swallow pair.  Nothing to do now but keep an eye on it.  A bluebird pair was active around the box as were the swallows.

Box # 4 also had active Eastern Bluebird and Tree Swallow couples inspecting the box, and it had a few shreds of grassy material on the bottom, though nothing resembling a formed nest.

Box #5 – empty

Eastern Bluebird egg, bluebird nest

An Eastern Bluebird egg rests in its nest.

Box #6 – The first egg of the season in this well-formed bluebird nest.  I’m assuming it was laid early this morning.  Oddly, I have yet to spy any bluebirds at this site.

Box #7 – empty

Box #8 – empty

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6 Responses to Today’s Bluebird Monitor Trail Results

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have four bluebird nesting boxes. They are hung at the top of our 8 ft wood fence. Bluebirds make these boxes their nest each year but we have lots of squirrels & cats in our neighborhood and I believe that one or the other are killing the parenting birds. I have a single bluebird egg that I am trying to hatch. If it should hatch, what do the tiny hatchlings eat? I have experience raising tiny baby squirrels & flying squirrel babies, so I really want to try this since the mother bird & daddy bird are gone. I have several size nipples that fit my feeding bottles & very small droppers, but I’m not sure how to prepare their food. Any ideas?

  2. Deb Platt says:

    I liked how you captured the gleam on the tree swallow’s plumage. 🙂

  3. dou dou says:

    That is a beautiful egg

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