It’s still unseasonably cold.  It was 32 degrees – freezing – when I stepped onto the Bluebird trail this morning to monitor the nest boxes.  Last week they were still empty with no sign of Bluebirds.  This morning I spied a female Bluebird diving to the ground for insects from her perch on a low shrub.  Hum-m-m!  Good sign!  And when I came to box #6 … low and behold … an almost fully built-out Bluebird nest!  Yes!  These birds really do know what time it is!

Ralph & Alice's Nest, top view

Ralph & Alice’s Nest, top view

So late this afternoon, I walked out to the Chickadee nest box in my backyard.  Recall that last week I saw Ralph and Alice taking a serious look inside and outside the box.  Well, the Honeymooners have definitely decided to take the place for the season!  They know it’s time to get going though it’s still very chilly out.  I found a pretty well-built-out nest in their apartment, uh, I mean nest box.

Last year Lucy and Ricky had a lot more moss as a base to their nest.  I wonder if the cool spring has made moss a premium commodity.  But there is a lot of soft material lining the nest.  It has the classic deep cup toward the back of the box to make it safer against predators.

nest box, chickadee nest

Ralph & Alice’s Nest, side view

A side view shows Ralph and Alice removed all those wood chips I put on the floor to simulate a vacated woodpecker hole as they might find in a tree.  They piled up classic Chickadee moss and layered in grass and some pine needles.  Alice is lining the cup with what appears to be animal hair and plant fiber.  The lining materials are still in clumps, but she’ll have it all straightened out soon.

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4 Responses to Nests!

  1. We have great Tits in one of our nest boxes again. We have a lot of nesting pairs in the yard as well. A great air of expectancy!

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