Bluebird Season Begins Anew

Eastern Bluebird

Spring has sprung.  At least it says so on my March 2013 calendar.  But even though  I’m still wrapped in my hooded down jacket, winter boots and ski gloves for my week-day commutes, I decided it was “officially” time to change my blog header and background to spring redbud colors.  Who cares if the weather has been unseasonably cold?

The last two years I agreed to take responsibility for two bluebird monitor routes since the forest preserve district program didn’t have enough volunteers to go around.  I’m back to one bluebird nest box route to monitor this season. This is a good thing.  I need the time to spend on other endeavors.

I began my 5th season on March 16th when I opened and cleaned out the eight boxes on the trail.  I removed the duct tape over the entry holes, washed out the insides, and rubbed bar soap on the wooden interior top to prevent wasps from building nests there.  Thankfully, no mice were able to find any wiggle room to get inside and build nests over the winter.  It’s a messy job and I needed to tote a couple of gallons of water to the boxes to rinse them after scrubbing.  Not much fun on a cold March day.

Today when I made the rounds, I spent time to right one box that was leaning over.  Its mounting pole had been in soil that was softened too much by rain and snow melt.  The box is standing tall now.

I haven’t spied any Eastern Bluebirds.  But I know they’ll come.

Wish the bluebirds good luck on the trail this year!

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4 Responses to Bluebird Season Begins Anew

  1. Yeah …. what a difference a year makes! So, we won’t have a springtime this year. We’ll just wake up one morning and it will be 80 degrees and summer.

  2. Yes, it’s been snowy and freezing here too. Last year this time, we were sitting out of doors watching the bees collect pollen, and the birds building nests….

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