For Rent …

… cozy cottage, birch bark covered floor, nestled among protective pine boughs.  Quiet neighborhood near ponds, fields and mature forested area perfect for raising fledglings.  Food and fresh water regularly available a short flight away.

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day!  The day I make sure to have my chickadee bird house placed.  With lengthening days in the northern hemisphere, birds are beginning to seek out territories. Black-capped Chickadees are pairing up and sizing up potential nesting-sites.

In nature, chickadees are unable to excavate their own nest cavities.  They often take over tree holes excavated by woodpeckers.  They busy themselves removing wood chips from the site.  So, to make chickadee nest boxes more “natural”, place some wood chips in the box.  They’ll clean out every scrap!

Last year my nest box enticed a chickadee pair that nurtured 7 eggs to mature fledglings.  What will this year bring?  It’s always a surprise.  Sometimes good things happen.  Sometimes bad things happen.  Sometimes nothing happens.  All I can do is offer the best nesting site I can and then … watch.

Happy Valentine’s Day all you Love Birds!

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8 Responses to For Rent …

  1. I thought we spoiled our birds! We are watching our ‘houses’, and particularly the one with the video hook-up which we just got in December. As soon as we put up our first last summer, we got a family of great tits. We already have nest-building robins (ignoring the robin nest box we have put up). Good luck!

    • A Robin Nest Box! One of those “platform” things?
      I’m working on building out a bird watching website and plan to have an article about them. I’ve never placed one of them.

      • I’ve taken a photo of the little roosting pouches for you and will also take one of the robin nest box (from the RSPB). No platform, but open-fronted. Remember, UK robins are much smaller than US robins.

        • Smaller Robins? I didn’t know that! I’m making a note! Will make some comparisions when I get around to the right place as I build out the web site. I want to include bird watching wonders from around the world.

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  3. dou dou says:

    My bird Binki is interested in your cottage, but only if it comes with the champagne and truffles 🙂

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