Stop! Listen!

The air temperature was above the freezing mark.  The snow and ice were melting on the dark parking lot pavement at the forest preserve district operations complex.  As I got out of the car at the site of the annual Bluebird Monitor data and protocol review meeting I heard a bird.  “What bird is that?,” I thought.  It sounded somewhat familiar.  It sounded like a cardinal.  But then again, it didn’t sound like a cardinal.  In this part of the world, our Northern Cardinals don’t generally begin to mark territories with their call until around mid-March.  So, it must have been something else.  But what?  I continued walking across the parking lot and the bird continued to sing out.  Then … it became clear …

I stopped.

I listened.

The first Northern Cardinal call I’ve heard this year!

I looked up.

There he was!  Red!  Clearly telling the world he did not care if it was still early February.

English: Northern Cardinal, Cardinal, Cardinal...

And so began the 2013 Bluebird Monitor season.

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5 Responses to Stop! Listen!

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  2. Bob says:

    Hi Annie, Our cardinals just started singing this past week here in SE Arizona. Spring has arrived, in spite of the snow that fell yesterday!

    • Snow in Arizona. I know it happens, but I think of it as blanketing the northern part of the state, not the south. Googled it. Saw some lovely photos of snow on cactus! Thanks for the tip!

      Good to know the Cardinals are singing for you, Bob.

  3. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    You don’t see cardinals year round? They’re constant companions in my back yard – and always a welcome sight (and sound).

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