Spied laying traps for hawks

I was the one who was being spied on!

Cooper's Hawk on feeder

A Cooper’s Hawk was keeping his eyes on me.

I moved slowly toward him to see how close I could get.

Hawk just looked at me as if to say, “Nice of you to bait those traps for me, lady!”

No, not traps to catch hawks.  Traps, a.k.a. bird feeders, to lure backyard birds into the hawk’s hunting grounds …. my yard!

Hawk decided he didn’t like my approach and flew into the neighbor’s crab apple tree.  He continued to spy on me as I filled the heated bird bath with fresh water.

Making note of the traps being fully loaded, Hawk flew away staying close to the ground and disappeared in the nearby trees.

I could almost hear him say, “I’ll be back!


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9 Responses to Spied laying traps for hawks

  1. A few weeks ago I got my first look at a sparrow hawk up close, in that it was perched on the side of a raised bed where among others sparrows feed on the seed we throw out! Great but a bit nerve-wracking all at the same time…. Great post. Linda

    • They say you are a true birder when you can witness nature taking its course and not get upset by it. I guess I’m a true birder now. I don’t like when the hawks come to grab a little bird that I’ve invited to my yard to feed, but that is nature.

  2. I heard that Cooper Hawks dive in to get their prey and break their breast bone on the hunt when navigating thru branches/trees. X-rays have shown their bones with scars. Not sure if this is 100% true, but I heard it from a friend. Great picture.

  3. Bob Zeller says:

    Love the photo, and the blog, too. I just read it for the first time, and I have just subscribed to it. Thank you for visiting my blog, too. And Happy New Year.

  4. Love this photo!!! He really does think he’s the one in charge!

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