See? I told you so.

I have a philosophy.  I will not harp on the fact that I was right over and over and over again.  But I always reserve the right to make my point by saying, “I told you so.” one time.  On the subject of an irruptive season for certain winter birds, this is that one time.

If you recall (you probably don’t, so I’ll remind you) back in early October I made a prediction about Pine Siskins.  I predicted these darling little birds, usually scarce around my feeding station, would make an appearance in greater numbers this winter season.

Earlier this week, I was advised there were unfamiliar  LBBs (little brown birds) around my feeders.  Big deal, I thought.  LBBs.  No shortage of those.  Must be sparrows or house finches.  But today when I saw them at my niger seed feeder, I figured out what those LBBs are …. Pine Siskins!  I was so excited to see them! They are in fierce competition with the gold finches for space at the feeder.  I have to clean up my other niger (aka gold finch) feeder and get it out there pronto!

Pine Siskin female on a bird feeder, Ontario, ...

I think you might enjoy this article about how to properly host Pine Siskins.  If I’m lucky, they’ll be joined or followed by another LBB not frequently seen at the feeders – redpolls.

I’ll keep you informed.  But for now, I have a Christmas tree to finish decorating and my first batch of Christmas cookies to bake.

So, hang out the niger seed feeder and have some winter fun because those Pine Siskins have arrived with big appetites.  See? I told you so.

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6 Responses to See? I told you so.

  1. timethief says:

    We haven’t seen any flocks of Pine Siskins this year in the islands this year and I’m missing them. Two years ago they were here but we heard salmonellosis was a factor in their diminished numbers. They are such cheerful little birds whose feeding antics always make me smile and I’m eager to see them return again. We do feed both thistle seed and black oil sunflower seed but I thank you for the link as we have never feed Bark Butter and will now try it.

    • In my several years of feeding birds, I have never seen so many Pine Siskens at my feeders. The thistle seed level in the feeders is going down a a remarkable rate. And they are such bold little birds. They let me get quite close before they scatter. I hope they return to you soon. Islands???? Could not find on your blogs where your islands are.

  2. Deb Platt says:

    Several weeks ago I had a large flock of pine siskins visiting my backyard. I was thrilled! They were eating the seeds on my birch tree, niger seed from my finch feeder, and black sunflower seeds. And after staying a few days they moved on, and I haven’t seen any since. 😦

    • I don’t get to see them often. And my recollection is that the last time they visited, I didn’t see them for long either. So enjoy what passes through the habitat you provide while you can. And just when you think you’ve seen everything …. look again.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh….so that’s what those birds are – thanks again for your observations and the internet link to see what these birds look like ! – Chris Patterson

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