Another winter visitor

I just finished cleaning up the garden and put it to sleep for the winter.  It’s a picture perfect autumn day.  The birds are happily enjoying the treats I’ve got out for them.  The nuthatch toyed with me this morning.  While I had the top of the hopper feeder open and was pouring in seed mix, it lighted on the feeder and took its time selecting the perfect sunflower seed.  It was not about to let me interfere with its routine.

Dark Eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis hyemalis)

My birding club reported seeing a Dark-eyed Junco on the monthly walk last week.  And today I spotted a couple in my yard.  Last weekend I stocked up on my winter seed mix with millet just for these winter visitors.  Greetings of the season, juncos!  Welcome back to your winter home.

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2 Responses to Another winter visitor

  1. Deb Platt says:

    I’ve seen a few dark-eyed juncos in the vicinity, but today was the first day that I saw one in my yard. It was perched in one of our blue spruce. Do you have a ground feeder that you put the millet in? I haven’t been feeding them any specific food. They mostly wander around under the feeder and collect food that other birds have dropped.

    Although everybody else has white-breasted nuthatches at their feeders, they only make very infrequent visits to mine. (I was amazed that one of yours came out while you were right there). I do have a group of red-breasted nuthatches visiting my feeder right now, and they’ve been a pleasure to watch.

    • I put seed mix with millet in my hopper feeder during winter so the juncos, being ground feeders, get the seeds off the ground. They also seem to enjoy the thistle dropped from the goldfinch feeders. To be more exact, it was a red-breasted nuthatch that came to the feeder while I was filling it. The white-breasted nuthatches are fewer in number and more diffiicult to draw near. I’m waiting for the red-bellied woodpecker that seems to enjoy my suet feeders this time of year.

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