Angry Birds

October 9th was my annual Day-After-Columbus-Day trip to the arboretum.  The peaceful day after the place goes crazy with bus loads of visitors and automobile grid-lock.  I arrived at 9:00 a.m., camera and binoculars in hand, feeling satisfied that I just came from having my car serviced for winter and could turn to the serious business of relaxing with mother nature.  Trip to the auto service department.  Check.

Angry Birds

Birds Get Angry About Litter

I must say that I did not spy any unusual birds at the arboretum – just the expected goldfinches, geese, ducks, sparrows.

Angry Bird

cat in the hat

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!






I did see lots of people taking pictures of other people and the annual exhibit of boy scout and girl scout scarecrows.  Each Scarecrow was more fun than the next as I strolled around the lake that is home to the exhibit.  I had several “favorites” including a bird who was angry about litter and the Cat in the Hat.  Cats and birds …. my favorite animals.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature





It was a lot cooler day than a year ago when we had unseasonable warmth.  And there was a stiff breeze.  But the sun was delightful and the leaves were turning.


schoolgirls at lake’s edge

The redbud trees that formed a wall of pink on the far side of one of the lakes in spring turned to lush green in the summer and were now reflecting gold.  The surface of the lake was alternately calm and then wind-swept.  A group of school girls posed for photos.  I lingered to snap some pictures.


The bluebird and purple martin houses on the arboretum grounds seemed lonely.  A long, cold winter separates them from new inhabitants next spring.

bluebird nest box, bird, birds, wild birds, wild bird watching, birdwatching, nature

bluebird nest box

purple martin house, birds, wild birds, bird watching, birdwatching, nature

purple martin house










Doubtless, I’ll be making it back here as often as I can before the trees have spent their leaves.  I love October.  It’s always been my favorite month.  Good and happy memories come with October.  And they seem to stay forever.

Annual post-Columbus Day trip to the arboretum.  Check.

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4 Responses to Angry Birds

  1. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    We held our apple butter festival at the nature center this weekend (and got rained on – oh well), and I mention that only as context for the excitement among some of the visitors about seeing a purple finch. I’m sure I’ve not seen one (well, mostly sure, as I only THINK I could differentiate them from house finches) – you?

    • The purple finches have more red plummage and their undersides are more heavily striped. It would be easier to identify one if it was sitting right next to a house finch, that’s for sure. They’re very similar.

      But for the rain, I hope the apple butter fesitival was fun. I bought a “serious” rain poncho this weekend and got to test it out on a hike at a State Park. Clouds parted for sun then….thunder, lightening and pouring rain!

      Keep an eye out for those elusive purple finches.

  2. wonderfullblog, bye Orofiorentino from italy

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