“You kids are NOT behaving. Find your own bugs!”

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Yesterday, as I enjoyed lunch among the flowers and greenery next to the lovely mosaic public art and overlooking a refreshing fountain on the plaza below in downtown Chicago, a female House Sparrow and one of her youngsters landed nearby.  The fledgling, as big as its parent, was fluttering its wings and had its mouth open begging to be fed.

Back out in the big city hinterlands this morning what did I spy out the window but two fledgling sparrows fluttering and begging.  Their mom left them perched in the tree.  “You two kids wait here.  I’ll be right back with more food.”  Mom flew off.  The kids continued to flutter and beg.  It was not long before she returned.  Then, a funny thing happened.  The two lunged at her (a little sibling rivalry?) so quickly and with such determination that she flew off rather than feed them.  “You kids are NOT behaving.  Find your own bugs!”

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