What does this clue tell a bird spy?

Thistles and other plants with silky seed heads like milkweeds tell a bird spy it’s nesting season.

bird, wild bird, wild bird watching, bird watching, birdwatching, american gold finch

Thistle gone to seed

You may think the birds have raised their families and all the fledglings are growing into fine juveniles as the summer season moves on.  But there is a favorite bird species that is beginning to enter its nesting season now as July moves into August and August moves into September.

The species nests when plants like the thistle produce an abundance of the food they need to feed their young.  They construct their nests of fibers from plants like the milkweed that produce soft down that scatters their seeds on the wind.

bird, birds, wild birds, birdwatching, bird watching, wild bird watching, american gold finch, gold finch

Milkweed Pod

Do you know what bird species that is?

Well, I’ve given you a clue.  So, let’s see what kind of wild bird spy you are.

Name the bird species.

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