eBird – I guess there’s an app for everthing!

Reading a post today on an international birding group site to which I subscribe, I was introduced to eBird.  It’s an online checklist documenting birds internationally.  There is even a smart phone app for entering data!  Clever!

Anyone can register on the site.  Then just enter when, where and how you went birding.  Fill out a checklist of the birds seen and heard during the outing.  You can save your “life list” online at the site.

This is an easy way for almost anyone to become a citizen scientist.  Take a walk in your local forest preserve or arboretum.  Go for a run in your neighborhood.  Take advantage of a visit to a lakeshore birding hotspot.  Then take the opportunity to enter your bird-watching observations.

When I visited the eBird site I took the opportunity to spy on the Eastern Bluebird checklists that had been submitted for my area.  And the Tree Swallows, and the Black-capped Chickadees and many more.  The diversity of wild birds found in the area is astonishing.  They’re all around us and all we have to do is stop and look to enjoy them.

Even if you don’t want to take time to get involved, I recommend a visit to eBird to explore.   I think you’ll find interesting information about wild birds in your area and in exotic far-off places you’ve never visited.   In any case, you’ll enjoy the pictures!

Sleeping Caribbean Flamingo at the Metro Toron...

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