I’ve been published and I got a star!

When you were a kid, did your teachers reward you with those little paper gold and silver stars pasted on the top of your essay?  You know – the one you wrote on a sheet of paper?  Do they even give gold and silver stars to young students anymore?  I mean, do kids even write on paper these days?  Maybe the gold and silver stars have been replaced by an “app” instead.  (OMG, I think I just turned into Andy Rooney!)  Well, I guess I was conditioned early in life to look forward to seeing a star next to my name.  And today, I did!  The forest preserve district volunteer program sent the list of this year’s bluebird monitors with their contact information and assigned routes.  And my name had a star next to it!  Well, technically speaking I guess it’s an “asterisk”.  But I am going to call it a “star”!  And I got the star next to my name on the assignment list because I now have “at least 3 years’ experience” and I am a “lead” monitor.  Imagine that!  To a bird monitor, that’s almost as good as having your “star” on the sidewalk in Hollywood!  And it gave me the same pride I remember feeling when my grade school teacher pasted a gold paper star on my essay.  (Smile.)

And as if that asterisk star was not enough praise, today I also received the forest preserve district’s bi-monthly newsletter and discovered that the article I submitted, “My Life As A Bluebird Monitor”, had been published right along side of a small “want ad” for bird monitor volunteers!    I guess they think my simple story may provide some inspiration.

Thanks for sharing my excitement.  See.  It doesn’t really take much to make me happy.

Oh!  And Happy Arbor Day to one who loves a stroll through the arboretum.

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2 Responses to I’ve been published and I got a star!

  1. BigSkyKen says:

    Annie, congrats on getting your article published! Is it posted somewhere I could read it?

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