Sh-h-h-h-h-h-h. The babies are sleeping.

I decided to check up on Lucy and the kids this afternoon.  At times it’s very quiet around the nest box.  At other times Ricky and Lucy are visible flying about and in and out.  At this point, Lucy is brooding at least part of the time.

Lucy now knows the routine.  After I tap on the box, she does not exit.  But when I opened the nest box side panel, she exited through the entry hole.  She did not wait for me to open the top panel of the box.  She scolded and was not at all happy with the intrusion.

Chickadee Nestlings              copyright 2012 - How To Spy On Birds

Chickadee Nestlings

And look at what I saw in the nursery.  The baby birds are growing quickly.  Dark spots are visible where feathers will appear.  It seems the 7th egg did hatch and that pile of nestlings actually includes seven little ones.  It’s hard to count them.  They are snuggled up like a ball of furry kittens one on top of another.  How many baby birds do you count in this picture?

It took Lucy a few minutes to fly back to the nest after I backed away.  Tonight’s temperatures may be around the freezing mark.  But I think the nursery will be snug and warm.

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2 Responses to Sh-h-h-h-h-h-h. The babies are sleeping.

  1. These younglings look very similar both in color and size to the young ones I’ve found.. of Red-vented Bulbul. All I can see is 5 beaks. So five baby birdies I say 🙂

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