Congratulations to Ricky and Lucy, proud parents of …

… six hatchling chickadee babies.

I counted the days on the calendar from when I assumed Lucy laid her first and last egg and thought for sure I would see hatchlings in the nest box at this next monitoring.  And I was right!  🙂

As usual, I called, I knocked, I opened the top panel of the nest box, OUT FLEW LUCY who scolded me from a nearby branch where she perched.  I peeked inside and here is what I saw … six tiny squiggly naked baby chickadees.  The day was sunny but quite breezy and cool.  Not wanting to risk giving the little ones a chill, I was very quick and purposeful about snapping only one photo and closing up the box so Lucy could re-enter.

Chickadee Hatchlings                    copyright 2012 - How To Spy On Birds

Chickadee Hatchlings

Well, if you ever tried to get six little ones to be still for a photo, you know that chances are the picture might turn out just a wee bit blurry.  It’s amazing how much the littlest bird hatchlings wiggle and move.  They almost resemble a little pile of worms.  So, although this is not the clearest photo of newly hatched baby birds you will ever see, I was in a hurry and the kids would not stay still.  Perhaps the next set of photos will turn out better.

Remember, there were seven eggs in the nest.  One remains that I think will not likely hatch if it hasn’t already.  This is not unusual and it could be an unfertilized egg.

During incubation, Lucy would take an occasional break from the nest and leave to feed.  But for the first few days that she broods the little hatchlings, Ricky will bring food to her so she can remain in the nest box to keep the young ones warm.  After a few days, both parents will begin to feed the nestlings and the little bird household will become busy.  The young are fed several times an hour during daylight, so keeping an eye on the nest box is sure to yield a view of young chickadee family activity.

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2 Responses to Congratulations to Ricky and Lucy, proud parents of …

  1. Wow.. this is my first view of baby born birds and looks amazingly small, skinny! Its surprising that the 7th egg too hatched! Late-comers 😀

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