When checking in on Lucy, look at what I found!

Having enough patience to sit by the window with my binoculars, after roughly 20 minutes I observed Lucy leaving her nest box to feed for several minutes before returning to incubate her eggs.  Typical, expectant chickadee mother behavior.  It seemed during this past week as though all has been going well for Ricky and Lucy.  I have seen them around and in and out of their happy little wild bird house.  They don’t mind the gardeners when they mow the lawns.  They are oblivious to the breeze causing their nest box to sway.

Keeping my eye on the weather forecast with rain early and possible late day storms, I decided this afternoon would present a good window of time to peek in and check the nest.

SEVEN eggs!

SEVEN eggs!

As I started out toward the nest box, Ricky happened to fly to the entry hole.  He didn’t seem to like my watching him, so he flew away toward my feeding station habitat.  I approached the bird house, called out to Lucy, gave several sharp knocks on the side of the box.  Hum.  Nobody home?  I lifted the side panel and snapped a quick photo.  Nothing.  Then, I stood back and opened the top and OUT FLEW LUCY!  She perched very nearby in the tree shouting at me.  “Chick a dee dee dee!  Dee dee!  Fee bee bee!”  As I peered inside the nest, to my surprise and delight, guess what I found!  A seventh egg!  Lucy laid another egg the morning after my monitoring her nest the last time!

I quickly snapped a few photos, closed the box, then slowly backed away across the yard and toward the house as I watched.  Once Lucy was comfortable with the distance between us, she re-entered her house.  Ricky flew over and they took turns inspecting the place for damage.  Finding their nest none the worse for wear and eggs untouched, they must have been wondering why I don’t content myself with keeping the feeders full and bird bath clean and just leave them alone.

Nest side view_Do you see Lucy's tail feathers?

Nest side view_Do you see Lucy's tail feathers?

Later, looking at the photos I took, it seemed to me that there is a tell-tale tail in the side view of the nest today.  Do you see what I see?  Take a close look.

So…what do you think we will find when another week has passed?

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4 Responses to When checking in on Lucy, look at what I found!

  1. Once again an interesting encounter! I can already imagine little Lucys and Rickys calling out for food from that nest!! 🙂

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