How to help birds during the nesting season if you have a dog.

Well, now THAT is an intriguing post title if ever there was one.  At least to people who like wild birds and have dogs. 

Baeolophus inornatus Oak Titmouse (female)

Baeolophus inornatus Oak Titmouse (female) (Photo credit: davidhofmann08)

If you read yesterday’s post, you know Black-capped Chickadees use animal hair and fur to line their moss nests.  So, you know you can offer some of that pet hair to the birds!  Chickadees, titmice and other species will use it to line their nests. 

An easy way to help those birds is to get a small, inexpensive suet cage.  Fill it with hair you collect when you groom your best friend…your dog!  Or cat, or rabbit.  No, I don’t think goldfish would work. 

Place the suet feeder filled with nesting material where you can keep your eye on it. 

Simple, inexpensive and a joy to watch…I think.  I don’t have a dog or a cat or a rabbit or a goldfish.  I just have chickadees. 

If you try this, will you let me know how it worked out?  I’d love to hear of your success.  And I’m sure it will give your dog a good feeling, too. 

Things are just beginning to get interesting.

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