Don’t watch this after dark!

Red-tailed Hawk

If you’re lucky enough to get a close up view of a hawk hunting in the autumn, it can be pretty exciting.  But how about watching a hawk incubate her nest in the spring?  YOU are going to find this fascinating.

Go to this site during daylight hours.  The nest cam is on 24/7, but you won’t see much at night.  During the day, you’ll see a lovely Red-tailed Hawk on her nest which was built high on a  pole above athletic fields on the campus of Cornell University.

Incubating is a very different hawkish activity from hunting, wouldn’t you agree?  Which hawk activity do you find more fascinating to watch?

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4 Responses to Don’t watch this after dark!

  1. You should get your own nest-box cam soon Annie! Perhaps you can put that inside your next bird feeder setup.

  2. ceceliafutch says:

    Awesome! I checked out the link, and in the chat area someone posted a link to an eagle nest, and then there was another to a humingbird nest! I’ve had a grand old time watching birds nesting this morning! Wonderful. Thank you for the link and th post. Have a glorious day. 🙂

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