My birds are tax deductible.

I am determined to get the 2011 tax season behind me this weekend.  You know what that means.  Tearing your hair out, crying, checking, double checking, triple checking, visiting for forms, instructions and publications – rinsing and repeating until done.

There are two things about tax season that make me smile.  One is the bottle of wine and warm, baked brie with crusty French bread I allow myself as a treat when I’m done. Another is recalling pleasures I experienced during the past year evoked by entries hidden among the tax-related receipts and scraps of paper.  That tax file folder is a scrap-book of my life.  (Makes the form 1040 sound like poetry, not?)

Remember what this icy pond looked like last autumn?

Remember what this icy pond looked like last autumn?

In the 2011 folder I find the receipt for my arboretum membership which is “deductible to the extent allowed by law” as a contribution to a not-for-profit organization.  Ah, yes.  I take a breather from the spreadsheet, close my eyes, and remember 2011 at the arboretum.  Flora and fauna, walks around the pond on and off the trails in the warm sun.  So sweet.

Just when tax season ends, it begins again.  I already have that “2012 Taxes” file set up in my desk drawer to catch the droppings being saved for next year at this time.  I just dropped a smile therein.  This week I received a receipt for my membership donation to the National Wildlife Federation which was part of the application to have my garden certified as a Wildlife Habitat.  (Refer to my January 31st post.)  I opened the envelope, saw the unexpected donation receipt, smiled and said, “My birds are tax deductible!”

Okay – gotta run – have tax forms to complete.

I hope you find some smiles hidden in your tax receipts, too.  🙂

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