Ruby-throated Hummingbird GPS

It is the time of year when we hummingbird-starved birders of the Eastern U.S. begin heating up the internet hummingbird community wires.  I was reminded today that it’s time to bookmark a favored site, the Spring 2012 Ruby-throated Hummingbird Migration map, and check it regularly.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Watching the map, it seems as if the little birds are all carrying tiny GPS monitors.  You can watch them as they travel north beginning in Florida and along the Gulf Coast in late February and continuing into Canada reaching their northern-most breeding grounds by mid to late May.


It’s always exciting and makes my heart beat just a little faster in anticipation of the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds flying this way.  I begin to think about what kinds of flowers I should select at the nursery this year to coax the hummers to my garden.  And long before it’s warm enough to plant the delicate blooms in late May, I put out the nectar feeder.   The bright red feeder is up by mid-April.

Below are pictures of some of the flowers my hummers enjoy the most.  What do you do to invite the hummingbirds to your garden?

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4 Responses to Ruby-throated Hummingbird GPS

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  3. Lucky you!.. Our campus is full of flowers.. but no hummingbirds in sight!! Guess they dont live in our region..

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