Help me answer this question.

So, yesterday you clicked on “save and continue” once you entered the name you want to have on your certificate and the address to which you want that certificate mailed.  Now for the grand finale!

The National Wildlife Federation charges a $20 certification fee.  In addition to the personalized certificate, you’ll receive a year subscription to National Wildlife magazine and a quarterly Wildlife Online Habitats Edition e-Newsletter.

Beyond that, if you would like to opt for a yard sign (or more than one), you have three choices:

  1. The “Classic Certified Wildlife Habitat” recycled aluminum sign costs $30.
  2. A wall mount recycled cast aluminum sign costs $89.
  3. A lawn mount recycled cast aluminum sign costs $99.

The very last part is where you select your payment method, click “submit” and you are done!  You will proudly display your certificate and if you ordered one, your yard sign.  I’m sure that my yard sign is going to be a conversation piece.

I hope this “series” of wildlife habitat instructions has inspired you a bit.  Perhaps you’ve been inspired to get a certificate for a friend or a child.  Maybe it moved you to buy a feeder or a bird house, or pick up a suet cake from your local bird supply shop to help your feathered friends this winter.  Consider that bird bath if you don’t have one.  If you do, add a warmer to keep the water from freezing in the cold.  Plant sunflowers to attract those darling American Goldfinches or some raspberry bushes to attract Bluebirds.

My Classic Certified Wildlife Habitat Lawn Sign

Help me answer this question…when my Classic Certified Wildlife Habitat sign arrives, where shall I display it?  Should I mount it on a stake to place among my bird feeders? Or place it next to the bird bath?  How about putting it in one of my large garden containers where I grow flowers to attract hummingbirds and butterflies?  I could even nail it to a tree where I hang the chickadee nest box.  Tell me what you think.  What are your ideas?

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2 Responses to Help me answer this question.

  1. Anonymous says:

    On a stake above the bird feeders. No nailing to trees. Then post the picture.

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