Squirrel Appreciation Day?

Squirrel in winter

Yep, you guessed it.  I was listening to news radio again this morning.  I always know all’s right with the world when this kind of story makes the news.  And the news is that today is Squirrel Appreciation Day.  Yes, it is. 

When I heard that, I felt really guilty having just published a post about how to keep squirrels from pilfering your wild bird food!  Thankfully, I didn’t publish it on Squirrel Appreciation Day!  Whew! 

Ok, I’ll bite.  Tell me about it.  What am I supposed to do to appreciate squirrels today, go out and buy them a sack of peanuts?  Hang ribbons on the trees? 

So the story is that this holiday goes way back to ancient times.  Yeah, like 2001, when a wildlife animal rehabilitator started it and thought this would be a good time of year to celebrate squirrels because food is scarce for them. 

An online search brought back links to pages with lists of ways to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day.  And to tell the truth, they were all great ideas such as going out for a wildlife watch (Birdwatching counts!) or buying a book about how to attract wildlife (Wild bird feeding counts!) to your yard. 

My favorite idea is one I’ve had on my mind for quite a while and about which I intend to write a post.  The idea is to submit your yard to be a Certified Wildlife Habitat.  I’m gonna do it.  Just not today.  Even if it is Squirrel Appreciation Day. 

None of the ideas actually suggested feeding squirrels.  So, I will continue to try to limit their access to my bird feeders.  They can hop along the ground with the Juncos and eat fallen bird seed helping me to keep the place clean making sure the seeds don’t sprout into weeds next spring.

But I have to admit that were it not for my beloved birds, I would probably be feeding squirrels.  They’re just too cute to resist.  And, I do appreciate having them in my personal wildlife habitat. 

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day, everyone!

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