A thank you from Ela and Ernesto

This thank you note from Ela and Ernesto in Costa Rica was delivered by our mutual friend, Bill Hilton, Jr., as we hope for the best outcome for Ela.

Surely, I will be in Costa Rica again and will make sure to plan a visit with this delightful young couple.

Dear Friends,

We have not the means or words to express how grateful we both are to all who have sent good thoughts and prayers and contributions to the “Ela and Ernesto Cancer Fund.” We wish we could do more than just say “Thank you.”

This has been an extremely challenging experience, but thanks to all of you we had one less aspect to worry about. Being able to rent an apartment close to the hospital for the duration of the radiotherapy is helping tremendously with recovery. More importantly, I was able to cancel some of my tours, which allowed me to be with Ela during this first part of the treatment.

Ela is doing very well. Her recovery from surgery was excellent which allowed her to begin treatment from a great starting point.  As of now, she has undergone a month of daily radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and is keeping healthy. Two more weeks, and we will be going back home with the family, coffee, birds, dogs, and everything else!

Again, we wish we could really express our gratitude with more than simple words. We appreciate with all our hearts your kindness. If you’re ever in Costa Rica again, please let us know!

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo!!!!
(Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!)

Ela and ‘Nesto

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