I have a message for you.

Okay, so you know that hummingbirds are a particular favorite of mine.  I had no idea they even lived in the neighborhood and were so easy to coax to a feeder until I began my bird watching hobby.  If you are among the many that enjoy birding and hummingbirds in particular, I have a message for you from my friend, Bill Hilton, Jr., the Director of Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History.

I got an email from Bill today in which he said, “If you have off-list friends who got new computers for Christmas, please forward them this e-mail and suggest they request a FREE subscription to ‘This Week at Hilton Pond’ for 2012. Our weekly photo essays are also formatted to view easily on iPads or iPhones.”

Even if you did not get a new techno-gadget for Christmas, according to the Hilton Pond site, “To receive a free, non-fattening on-line subscription to the photo essays at This Week at Hilton Pond, just send a note with ‘SUBSCRIBE’ in the subject line to ThisWeek@hiltonpond.org.   Be sure to set your spam filters to allow e-mails from hiltonpond.org.”  So, what are you waiting for?  Do it.

In his message quoted above, Bill made a reference to having “off-list friends.”  That was not a comment about anyone’s friends’ mental capabilities.  He was referring to anyone who is not a member of his Yahoo Group called Hummingbird Hobnob.  EVERY person who enjoys hummingbirds should belong to that list!

And if you want to see bird pictures, subscribing to these will give you few more “favorites” to add to your favorites birding folder.

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