The Alien Is Captured!

More news on the radio this morning about that “Flying Green Alien” I reported in my November 29th post.  That little hummingbird is still flying around Oak Park, Illinois and is tolerating the sub-freezing temperatures well.  His hosts are providing protein enriched sugar-water in their feeders.  The bird was trapped by an expert, examined and banded.  It was identified as a juvenile male by its red gorget feathers.  And the pictures that have been taken are indicating it is most likely a Broad-tailed Hummingbird.  There are pictures here at the Illinois Birders’ Forum.  It is hoped the little one will fatten up and successfully fly southwest to its wintering grounds.  It will be interesting to follow the story.

On my list of things to do today was a trip to the auto service shop for a get-ready-for-winter oil/filter change.  Since the service shop was only a short distance from the arboretum, I spent time slowly driving through on all the roads.  It was a cold, cloudless sun that lit the forest.  I was amazed at how long the shadows were at 1:30 p.m.  Apart from the stands of evergreen trees, the landscape had turned every shade of brown.  There had been a coating of snow overnight and it looked so fresh.  I could see right through the trees for lack of foliage.  It was such a different view from the one seen in summer months.  Different from the last several visits to the arboretum, today I didn’t spot any wild life.  But that doesn’t mean the wild life didn’t spot me.

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