So, how does one count birds, anyway?

Getting serious about spying on birds for the Christmas Bird Count

I have never participated in a bird count.  But there are lots of opportunities around here.  Coming right up is the Christmas Bird Count.  I have friends that participated and highly recommend the experience.  There are a few days right around Christmas when birders of every experience level get out – rain or shine, snow or sleet – to spend the day listing the birds they spy and counting them.  Somehow there always seems to be warm meal to share with jovial friends old and new after the day’s count is done.  For the less hardy, there is also a Feeder Watch.  But, hey.  I can watch my feeders any time.  By golly.  I think this is the year I am going to participate in my first bird count.  So, I’ll be out of doors regardless of whether the weather holds up.  I’ll be up and out and walking the fields and the woods at 8:00 a.m. with binoculars and clip board on Saturday, December 17th.  Have you ever counted birds?  If you’d like to come along, give me a shout!

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