Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

Waiting for Eastern Bluebird eggs to hatch helping restore the number of these lovely, gentle birds.

Well, I decided to post a WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge entry on my site today.  Why?  Well, just look at the photo I used for my Header!  If there’s a photo that represents the theme, “Waiting”, this is it!  I took it while in the field monitoring Eastern Bluebird nest boxes.  Waiting for new life to begin.  The anticipation every season of waiting for the birds to appear; waiting for a nest to be built out; waiting for the first egg to be laid followed my more; waiting for the eggs to hatch; waiting for the nestlings to grow and fledge; and, finally, waiting for the proverbial empty nest.  Right now, I am waiting for winter to come and go so I can get out in the field and witness the magic of nature all over again in Spring.

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