Nest Monitor Certification Success!

I looked forward to spending this Thanksgiving Day relaxing.  The freshly baked pumpkin pie made the house smell wonderful this morning.  I can’t wait to slather butter on the baked sweet potatoes infusing the air with their perfume.  And I love the taste of the main dish, smoked turkey.

The folks at my bird supply store had some comparison pictures of game farm turkeys and Wild Turkeys in their display case when I recently picked up seed.  I asked them if they felt guilty about eating birds.  They very quickly denied guilt explaining that the game farm turkeys we eat on Thanksgiving are “totally different” from Wild Turkeys.  You can read about Wild Turkeys at the All About Birds website.  Just type “wild turkey” in the search field to learn more.  Did you know that Benjamin Franklin preferred the Wild Turkey would have been used as the centerpiece symbol on the Great Seal adopted by Congress in 1782?  Seems he thought it was, “…a much more respectable Bird…” than the Bald Eagle.

But here is my big news for this Thanksgiving Day.  I was successful at my attempt to obtain my Nest Monitor Certification online from NestWatch, a nest-monitoring project developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  Take a look at the NestWatch site.  I was able to save my certificate and print it.  Hum-m-m, do you think I should frame it?

Well, that’s enough wild bird activity for today.  On to domesticated game farm bird good eating.

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless America!


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